Kiperson projects are tactical engagements to solve issues or fix a problem Recent projects include building clean room to make face masks during the pandemic, recruiting a talent to operate large distribution centers, review legal contacts between partners, implement safety systems to meet OHSA requirements, engage special consultants or legal counsel for FDA-related reviews, analyze ERP system to purchase and review business plans for a few startup companies.

Surgical Face Mask Manufacturing (in USA)

After the start of COVID-19 pandemic, KP was asked by a US-based firm to set-up a mask manufacturing operation in Los Angeles capable of producing 50MM disposable face masks per month capable of injecting into the nation’s medical network (meaning the product has to be made under FDA rules). This is a multi-million dollar project where KP principals were onsite daily as key strategic and tactical decision makers.

Surgical mask factory – manufacturing ASTM F2100 Level 2 masks in Class 100k Clean Room (Los Angeles, California)
Fashion Manufacturer – ERP & WMS

KP Project Goal: Increase wholesale order pick items orders per day by 300% without increasing on-going warehouse head-count / operational costs.

Dow-30 Industrial Equipment Manufacturer – Asset Management

KP was asked by this long-time client, a division of a major US company, to design all the storage systems in a newly acquired location consisting of several million dollars of specialized equipment that circulates among several locations.

Largest Automotive Logistics Company in the World – Site Selection

KP was asked by a multi-national logistics company specializing in automotive logistics to evaluate a site before they commit to a multi-year lease for a large facility.